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Kelly Steffen and Erik and kidsKelly Steffen - Her amazing response to "Unanswered Prayer"

Kelly Steffen's sister and husband have passed away..... She is now a young Christian widow with 2 small children. She is currently a member of Campus Crusade for Christ and has honestly and openly shared her story on her website. She is an amazing servant of Christ, a picture of faith to many and I'm honored to call her a friend of mine. She touches my life by how she lives hers. The most recent example was at her husband, Erik's, funeral. At a time of reflection during the celebration of Erik's life, while everyone was sitting in their chairs, the music played Fernando Ortega's, Our Great God, a beautiful song........In the front row, Kelli stood up, lifted her hand in worship and sang her heart out - - the church followed her lead - - - what worship in the face of tragedy! - - - It reminds me of another saint's response, when he said "Though He (God) slay me, yet will I trust in Him." Job 13:15.

Kelly has written a wonderful, short article: A Response to Unanswered Prayer

Philip Yancey Book

Philip Yancey on the Advantages of Suffering

Philip Yancey is the author of many books including Where is God When It Hurts, The Gift of Pain: Why We Hurt and What We Can Do About It, Disappointment With God, The Dilemma of Pain as well as many others. In his book, Where is God When It Hurts, he and Monica Hellwig (a Catholic nun) prepared a very useful list of the advantages of suffering.

Columbine High School - April 1999

Darrell Scott - Father of Rachael Scott
Who is to blame for Columbine????? Scott gives a wonderful and touching Christian response to the tragedy at Littleton, CO. Calling his daughters murderers by their first names, with no hatred or malice, he speaks the truth boldly. The issue is not an outside issue - - guns, or the NRA -- The issue lies within us ; it is spiritual and we, as a nation, and as individuals accountable to God, are starving..........

God in Littleton

Lauren Beyer, 15 yrs old and Heidi Johnson, 16 yrs. old, shared their story from the Columbine high school tragedy and their testimony for God in Lafayette Indiana.

"We've all got to get together in this. Sure, we'd like to blame this or blame that. But the truth is, they gave their hearts over to Satan." Heidi hopes to persuade kids in Lafayette -- kids everywhere -- to give their hearts to God instead. "I want them to see a different perspective on life and the way they should be living."

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