Twilight Zone !

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A gang of bank robbers gets shot andone of them wakes up walking on fluffy clouds at the golden gate of a celestial city. A kindly white-robed man offers him everything he wants. But soon, he's bored with the gold, since everything is free, and with the beautiful girls, who only laugh when he tries to hurt them, since he has a sadistic streak...

So, he summons the St. Peter figure.

"There must be some mistake."

"No, we make no mistakes here."

"Can't you send me back to earth?"

"Of course not, you're dead !"

"Well, then I must belong with my friends in the other place. Sned me there ."

"Oh, no - - we can't do that - -rules you know ...."

"What is this place anyway?"

"Well, this is the place where you get everything you want."

"But, I thought i was supposed to like heaven!"

"Heaven???" Who said anything about heaven?"

"Heaven's the other place !!!"

The point is - - -a world without suffering is more like hell than heaven.......

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