A Benefit Dinner for Matt Ware

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana - Thursday, July 16, 1998

On July 16, 1998, a miracle occurred in Indianapolis, Indiana from the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ. A Christian family facing an uncertain financial, physical and emotional future are beginning a new spiritual journey down a well travelled, dirty path covered by rivers of tears and blood from the saints of old. The Lord, in his sovereignty, has placed Matt Ware and his family on this path where only two knowns exist - the burden of a very heavy, daily cross and the promise of our Lord Jesus Christ never to forsake or leave them. The Lord requests of all He has placed on this path to heed to two simple words,

What about a place to live? ---------- Trust Me!

What about using the bathroom? shower? eating? ---------- Trust Me!

What about not being able to sleep? ---------- Trust Me!

What about the continual physical and emotional pain? ---------- Trust Me!

What about girlfriends? ---------- Trust Me!

What about college? ---------- Trust Me!

What about finances? ---------- Trust Me!

What about depression and loneliness? ---------- Trust Me!

Since Matt's accident in February, 1998, the Ware's have bear-hugged "Trust Me" and held it close to their hearts. Tonight, in the relatively quiet city of Indianapolis, Indiana, the Lord, in his Omnipotence, honored the Ware's faith again by the miracle of directing the Christian community to care for their own. Over 1,000 people lined both sides of the "path of Christ" to support the Ware's financially, physically and emotionally for their life-long journey ahead.

It was a beautiful, heart felt evening as the Reverend Charles Ware, president of Baptist Bible college and Matt's father, related the story of Joseph to the Ware's current situation. Joseph, sold into slavery by his brothers at the age of 17, imprisoned by the king of Egypt based on a lie, then, as a thirty year old, by the hand of the living God, was miraculously put in charge "of the whole land of Egypt." (Gen 41:41) For seven years, the Lord blessed the land of Egypt abundantly and Joseph "stored up huge quantities of grain in all the cities, like sand of the sea; it was so much that he stopped keeping records because it was beyond measure." (Gen 41:49) Then, a worldwide famine hit and the entire world had no option but to turn to Egypt to buy grain or die. Jacob, the father of the Joseph, whom he thought dead, told his 11 other sons, "go to Egypt and buy grain so that we may live and not die!" (Gen 42:2) Eventually, Joseph, in tears and anguish, made himself known to his brothers, who were immediately terrified at his presence! Jacob, the father, then joined his family in Egypt but soon died thereafter, as God had foretold. The 11 sons were certain that Joseph would now take vengeance for their actions some 20 years previous, but Joseph replied to them, "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." (Gen 50:20) Despite the incredible highs and lows in Joseph's life, one statement was pervasive throughout - "The Lord was with Joseph and he prospered."(Gen 39:2)

Likewise, for the past 30 years, God has accompanied and prospered the Reverend Charles Ware. Our Lord Jesus Christ is now allowing a very unique opportunity and honor for the Ware family and especially Matt to praise and bless Him through Matt's current position of "weakness." It is very evident from this evening's outpouring that the Lord intends this for good, to accomplish His purpose. His purpose? Is it "for the saving of many lives", like Joseph's life? Well, I certainly don't know what the purpose is, but I pray that Matt responds to his situation with an unshakeable trust in God, accompanied by an eternal perspective in God's promises, which is the only way to bear his daily cross with a trusting, joyful response in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Obvious questions to our Creator abound - Why me???? Why this???? Why now???? But Jesus responds, "I, too, have been there - do you remember? I have been there - - I know - - and I am also here for you right NOW - ALWAYS!" With tears in his eyes and a tight grip on all of our hands, the Lord says "Follow me and I will make straight this path." He begins the spiritual journey with a few steps, then stops, turns to all of us, holding up his hand; a hush falls over the frightened sheep huddled on the path. The light in His eyes pierces all of our hearts - - - and he whispers "Trust Me!" Our frightened tears become tears of joy as the Lord leads all on the path to another miracle - just like the one in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 16, 1998 - a closeness and trust in Him that could be achieved no other way.

Welcome Clark Kellogg Former College and NBA Basketball star and current tv and radio broadcaster gave a wonderful opening tribute to the Lord
Invocation Ernie Medcalfe Trustee, Care Center
Video - Channel 8 News Scott Swann A video interview with Matt Ware, family and therapists as broadcast on Channel 8 News
Video - Channel 13 News Anne Ryder A video interview with Matt Ware, family and therapists as broadcast on Channel 13 News
A Tribute to Matt Ware Rick Stump Matt's best friend relates a story of his life's new hero - Matt Ware. A story told from the heart and a promise to always be there for Matt
Special Music Evelyn Cosby Musical artist gifted with a beautiful voice and wonderful stage presence!
Special Presentation Stephen Goldsmith - Mayor of the City of Indianapolis, Indiana The mayor gave Matt a framed declaration stating July 16, 1998 as Matt Ware day in Indianapolis
Message Dr. A. Charles Ware President, Baptist Bible College of Indianapolis and Matt Ware's father compared the story of Joseph to his family's situation
Gift Acknowledgement, Challenge and Special Presentation Mike Evans President, CHORUS, Inc. challenged the group to support the Ware's financially offering "harp music to write checks by"
Sports Auction J.B. Driver Auctioneer. Included items like a signed Pacers basketball, signed Colts football and signed jersey from the Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning
Benediction Dick Guyer Butler University. A wonderful prayer of thanksgiving to our personal Lord

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