John Calvin: Suffering

Chapter 1 - Living under the Cross

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The first chapter, entitled "Living under the cross", focused on some purposes for suffering in the lives of Christians - - including, but certainly not limited to, the following 13 purposes.:

1. All suffering endured by God's people serves, in one way or another, to work together for their salvation.

2. Suffering under the cross stimulates prayer. The chief advantage of affliction is that they make us aware of our wretchedness, and they stimulate us to beg for God's favor.

3. Living under the cross means trusting in God's power.

4. Suffering teaches us patience, hope and obedience. God desires evidence of His grace at work in the lives of believers.

5. Suffering is meant to further our salvation

6. God may take the faithful thru the same adversities that he punishes the ungodly

7. God's purpose is that we be conformed to His Son

8. Faith is more precious than gold

9. Sorrow and joy together

10. Christian joy centers in Christ

11. Suffering must lead us to patience

12. Suffering is not all bad

13. Suffering prepares us for eternal glory

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