God's Healing Touch Gives Us Strength To Help Others in Need

Excerpt from an article from Priest - Tom Ehrich


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It is my experience that the most generous Christians are those who have been healed of some infirmity or failing.

A congregation that embraces strangers probably has alot of people who remember being strangers.

A congregation that builds Habitat for Humanity houses or cooks food for the homeless probably has people who have tasted desperation.

It is my experience, also, that the most mean-spirited churchgoers are those who refuse to accept their need of healing.

There are no training courses that can turn the cruel to kindness, or the haughty to greeters, or the stingy into givers, or plotters into peacemakers.

There is only the healing touch of Jesus.

Congregations don't become healthy by attaining perfect doctrine. People become healthy and discover that doctrine no longer matters to them.

The most effective Christians I know are those who themselves are broken.

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