Remarks by Tony Dungy on his son, James Dungy

Text of Tony Dungy's remarks


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Text of Tony Dungy's remarks:

Remarks by Tony Dungy after the funeral of his son, James Dungy, today:

"I just want to first of all start out by saying thank you for the love and the prayers and the support that we’ve received from the people of Tampa, the people of Indianapolis and the people all over the country. They’ve been very, very great and gracious to us in a time of grief for our family. "We loved our son very much. He loved us, and we miss him terribly. But we also understand that we have some tremendous promises from God. And God promises to be with us, and he’s with us in the great times, he’s with us in the tough times. And our family will stand strong. "The strength that we have in the Lord will allow us to get through this, just as we get through times of victory. "Our grief is great. But from our family, we just say thank you. We say thank you to everyone. We appreciate everybody that’s touched his life, everybody that’s been part of him growing up. "James was a good young man with a compassionate heart, and we were glad to have him for 18 years. We are also glad that he accepted Christ as his savior, so that God has him now for the rest of eternity. "Thank you."