John Calvin: Suffering

Chapter 2 - Treasuring up bright designs

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The second chapter, entitled "Treasuring up bright designs", focused on God's sovereignty in all situations.

"If God is not in some sense responsible for bad things, then he is not responsible for good things either. If we do not "blame" God for death, we should not praise God for life. We cannot have it both ways." Joseph Hill

1. God governs all things at all times

Because of this.... the true believer has nothing to fear....

Other verses on God's sovereignty:

Over our lives:

Over our circumstances:

Over World Leaders:

His Purposes fulfilled:

2. God is exalted and glorious but cares about his people

"The Calvinist is one who has seen God in his glory, is filled, on the one hand, with a sense of his unworthiness to stand in God's sight as a creature, much more as a sinner, and on the other hand, with adoring wonder, that nevertheless, this God is a God who receives sinners." Benjamin B. Warfield

3. God takes notice of his people in their times of trouble

"Nothing is more profitable for us than to have our eyes continually set upon the providence of God, which alone can best provide for us everything we need". John Calvin

4. God is always the supreme cause of all that happens

5. Good people suffer, too

6. Does God inflict suffering on his people?

7. God's providence cannot be fully grasped

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