Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Comments on Debate between Dr. Geisler vs Rabbi Kushner - Part 2

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1. God has sovereign control over the world - - He is all powerful and all loving...... Kushner believes God is on our side, He loves us but He does not have the power to change things......(this is absolutely unbiblical!)

2. Kushner - the danger with taking comfort with the eternal life, is that we will not take the injustices of this world seriously.....It's unacceptable with the evil in this world.....and a focus on the eternal will not focus or be outraged on the injustices of this day

3. Why is it necessary to have an after life?

4. Is this the best of all possible worlds that we're living in?

5. If God is limited - - why should we love him - - if His love may not win out in the end - - since He's not all powerful - there must be a bigger power? Where's the assurance in the end that God will win?

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