The Sovereignty of God and Ethnic Based Suffering


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What happens just before we fall to temptation? We decide that the thing we desire is good for us. In essence, we reenact the Fall (Genesis 3) every time we give into temptation. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they were rejecting the Word of God as basis for life.

Instead of taking people's lives, God showed us grace - through the salvation offered at the Cross. Yet we still suffer the effects of the Fall -- and one of these is human power struggles - which is the basis of ethnic based strife and suffering.

The relationship between human suffering and divine justice is called theodicy.... Most of us assume a one to one relationship bewteen sin and suffering - - Job countered that bad things that happen to us are not necessarily related to our sin any more than good things that happen to us relate to our righteousness, of which we have none.....

The Basis of Suffering

Christianity is the only religion that calls favoritism - - what it is - - - sin:

What should distinguish the Body of Christ is gratitude to God for his saving grace - - and there should be 2 results - - the first is faith (trust), the second is works (the demonstration of our faith and thanksgiving to Christ for His saving grace).... Unfortunately, we don't do works very well.....

A major point of the author is that Christians are a sub-dominant group in this world - - and, therefore, will be subject to suffering:

As strangers and aliens, the body of Christ should have no vested interest in the world system as it exists. We should be completely focused on our sovereign God and His Kingdom. Thus, to identify with suffering should be as natural as breathing.

We have lost the concept of what it means to be the worldwide church.

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