Sovereignty , Suffering and the Work of Missions


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People are justifiably suspicious of people who appear to have lived lives of ease - - - AND - - Jesus suffered in every way possible while He was on earth. (You can look to Jesus in your suffering - - He's been there...)

The Reasons for Suffering

Avoidance of Suffering

In the United States, our lack of suffering is a great obstacle in communicating Christ's plan for hurting people in third and fourth world countries. However, in the U.S., rich people suffer with poor people- - just differently.... We are the richest country ever in the world -- and yet our suicide and crime rates are extremely high....

Remember - - God is sovereign and has our suffering held firmly in His hand - - He is in charge of all things that happen to us - - good and bad - - consider God's sovereignty over Jesus going to the Cross:

The author then told the story of his father, Jim Elliott and his mother Elizabeth - - - it's a fabulous story....

The author added - - "I dont think we should seek suffering - - life brings enough of it on its own. But what I do advocate is that suffering is an important prerequisite ministering to hurting people."

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