Why God Appoints Suffering for His Servants


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Loss and suffering, joyfully accepted for the kingdom of God, shows the supremacy of God's worth more clearly in the world than all worship and prayer:

1. Suffering deepens faith and Holiness -- it weans us from reliance from this world and puts our focus on God alone...

2. Suffering makes your cup increase - by enduring suffering with patience, the reward in heaven increases.

3. Suffering is the price of making others bold

4. Suffering fills up what is lacking in Christ's afflictions - the sufferings of Christ messengers ministers to those they are trying to reach and may open them to the Gospel.

5. Suffering enforces the missionary command to "Go"

6. The supremacy of Christ is manifest in suffering - suffering shows the supremacy of God in the lives of the missionaries/martyrs.

God's purpose in our sufferings is to solely rely on Him first and foremost....

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